Economy Saver Guidelines

Economy Saver is Gladstone’s revolutionary online marketplace where people from around the region and abroad can find great product specials, a diverse range of services and even jobs thanks to the awesome local businesses within.

Economy Saver allows the sale of new products that fit within our extensive category ranges. Business can also showcase the broad range of services available across the region.

Economy Saver which forms part of INTERACTin Pty Ltd who also built and run Gladstone Regional Job’s network expects all users of the platform including buyers and sellers to be authentic, professional and passionate about providing great customer service and supporting our region by buying local. Economy Saver’s Online Shopping Centre is open for business 24/7, allows shop owners to manage shops on the move from any device giving local consumers the opportunity to shop at their leisure and form the palm of their hand.

Any prohibited items, services or any products that violate our terms will be handled efficiently and seriously by the Economy Saver team who have a zero tolerance policy across their network.

Economy Saver Stores are Independent & Local Businesses

Economy Saver stores have their own policies, fulfilment and shipping methods. Stores must honour their policies set out and must meet Economy Saver’s high standards of customer service. All money’s received by consumers will be held by Economy Saver until customer transactions are 100% complete.

In circumstances where a transaction doesn’t go as planned, buyers and sellers are advised to work together in an open, and friendly manner to reach a resolution. If, after time, this is deemed not possible, they you can refer to the Economy Saver case system, where an Economy Saver representative will deem a fair result for the best possible outcome to all parties.

Want to open a store? To open a store you must be 18 years of age or older and possess a company ABN/ACN which will be used for verification purposes.

Honesty, Integrity, and Customer experience are important principles at Economy Saver. We kindly require that all Economy Saver store owners represent themselves, their business, and their products as accurately as possible.

Economy Saver will actively seek and reach out to stores in violation to any of these guidelines. While all measures will be taken to aid in bringing your store into compliance with our rules, Economy Saver holds the right to suspend or close stores that do not comply.

We reserve the right to remove product listings that aren’t within our guidelines.

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